How to install TdhCad on Ubuntu – Vector Graphics and Charting

TdhCad is a free vector graphics and charting software for Windows and linux. It is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International license. It comes with unlimited number of layers, click and drag support, automatic creation of Grids, Legends and Charts. Using this you can create XY charts anywhere and annotated with CAD entities. you can export your drawings to SVG, PNG or PDF file formats. Some other important features are ability to create groups containing entities and other groups and you can also create paths containing lines and curves.

Install TdhCad on Ubuntu:

You can easily install TdhCad on your Ubuntu system via snappy. Open your terminal app window (press ctrl+alt+t). And type this snap TdhCad installation command in terminal and hit the enter key in your keyboard.

sudo snap install tdhcad

Then enter your ubuntu user password to cinfirm the TdhCad installation. That’s all . it will install the latest TdhCad Vector Graphics and Charting software on ubuntu.

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If you want to test the development version of TdhCad Vector Graphics and Charting app , then run this command in terminal.

sudo snap install tdhcad --candidate
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