How to install LibrePCB on Ubuntu – Design Printed Circuit Boards

LibrePCB is a free and open source EDA (Electronic design automation) software for Windows, macOS and linux. Using this you can develop printed circuit boards. It comes with easy to use GUI, project management and library, schematic, board editors. Libraries and projects file formats are readable by humans. The important feature in this LibrePCB is Multi PCB. Using this you can use multi PCB variants of the same schematic. And it automatic netlist synchronisation between board and schematic. This is still in development stage and released under GNU General Public License v3.0 license.

Install LibrePCB EDA software on Ubuntu

LibrePCB available as a Snap, Flatpak, AppImage and Linux installer. You can install it from any of these four methods.

Download LibrePCB

Install LibrePCB via Linux Installer:

Go to the above LibrePCB EDA software download link and download the LibrePCB Installer for Linux from under the linux section. Here the downloaded file name is “”. It may be changed for you based on version and platform. Then right click on the downloaded LibrePCB Linux Installer file.And select Properties.Then go to the Permissions tab and check the Allow executing files as program option.

After that right click on program file and select Run to start the installer. click next and complete the installation.

Then click the show applications in your Ubuntu Gnome dock and type LibrePCB in the search box and click LibrePCB to start it.

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Install LibrePCB via AppImage:

Download the LibrePCB EDA software in AppImage file format from the above download link. Here the file name “librepcb-0.1.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage” and path Downloads folder. You can change below commands based on your file name and path. In Ubuntu terminal app (Ctrl+Alt+T) run

cd Downloads

Then run this command to make that file executable.

sudo chmod +x ~ librepcb-0.1.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage

Then enter your Ubuntu password. Then run this to launch LibrePCB EDA software.

sudo ./librepcb-0.1.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage

Install LibrePCB via Flatpak:

First follow the below How to install flatpak on ubuntu tutorial link and install and setup flatpak on your system.

How to install flatpak on ubuntu:

After that Open your terminal app (Ctrl+Atl+T) and run the below command

flatpak install flathub org.librepcb.LibrePCB

During the installation of LibrePCB press y and enter when it asked to confirm the installation. Then start the LibrePCB by running the below command in terminal.

flatpak run org.librepcb.LibrePCB

Install LibrePCB via Snap:

Open your Terminal app (Ctrl+Alt+T). Then type the below LibrePCB snap installation command and hit the enter key.

sudo snap install librepcb

then enter your Ubuntu password.

That’s all. It will install LibrePCB EDA software on your ubuntu system .

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