How to install Stacer on Ubuntu – Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring tool

Stacer is a free Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring tool. Stacer provides five main features for linux users. They are Dashboard system monitoring tool, System cleaner to freeup your pc space, Startup Apps management, management of system services, easy software uninstaller and system resources monitor.

Install Stacer in Ubuntu

Stacer is available as .deb and .Appimage package. To install stacer on ubuntu, go to stacer download page and download the .deb file according to your OS type (32bit or 64 bit)

Double click the downloaded file. It will open the Ubuntu software.  Just click the install button and type your ubuntu password. You can also install it via GDebi package manager.

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After the successful installation restart ubuntu and click the Dash home from unity launcher. And type stacer in the search field.Then click stacer to open the installed Stacer System Optimizer and Monitoring tool.

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