How to install GNOME Tweak Tool or Tweaks on ubuntu

GNOME Tweak Tool or GNOME Tweaks or Tweaks  is a free customization and settings manager for the GNOME desktop.You can use this GNOME Tweak Tool or Tweaks to configure Ubuntu’s new default desktop environment based on gnome from Ubuntu 17.10. It gives some additional options which is not present in the default settings app.

Using Tweaks you can hide your desktop icons, change themes, icons and cursor, manage extensions, adjust the default fonts and Move window buttons left or right.You can install the GNOME Tweak Tool/Tweaks via the Ubuntu software or via terminal.

Install GNOME Tweak Tool or Tweaks on Ubuntu:

Open the terminal app in your Ubuntu system, type the below command in terminal and hit the enter key.

sudo apt update

Then type the Ubuntu password. Then type the below command in terminal and press the enter key. It will install the GNOME Tweaks or Gnome Tweak Tool on Ubuntu.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

That’s it. To open the GNOME Tweaks, click the Show Apps in the Ubuntu dock and type Tweaks in the search box and click Tweaks.

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You can also open the GNOME Tweaks via terminal. In terminal type below command and hit enter.


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  1. Tom

    This is NOT gnome tweak tool..!!, This is Ubuntu tweaks, wrong information in this web site.

    1. ph

      Yes, Tom is correct. As of 2019-June-22, you are still able to do “sudo apt update”
      and then install it using “sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool”
      but you can only run it from a terminal window by typing “sudo apt gnome-tweaks”.

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