How to get snap package size before download

A snap package comes with an application and all its dependencies into one compressed file using the SquashFS format with the extension .snap and decompressed during the installation. Snap is a self-contained application running in a sandbox and mounted by the host operating system after installation. The main downside of snap package is the installation files are bigger compared to the normal DEB files and using more hard drive space in you system.

Check Snap Package Size

So before installing any snap package file from the snap store you can check the snap size using the below snap command. It will help, if you have low disk space on your computer. Open the terminal command-line application (ctrl+alt+t) and run command as below.

snap info package_name


Telegram Desktop Snap

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For the Telegram Desktop snap app the package name is “telegram-desktop” . To check the snap size all details about that snap run this command in terminal.

snap info telegram-desktop

snap size

Here the latest stable Telegram Desktop snap app version is 2.7.4 and the size is 315MB. In this way you will get the size.

It also gives all snap details like snap url, description and publisher details. You can install that snap using below command.



sudo snap install telegram-desktop

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