Funny Linux Commands

In this article, you will get some funniest commands to try in your Linux terminal command line application.

sl Command – Train Simulation Animation

The sl command (Steam Locomotive) is fun train simulation command. When you type sl in the terminal windows, it will simulate a train moving across your terminal.

How to Install sl Command on Ubuntu

Open the terminal command and install the below sl install command. It will install the latest version of sl on your system.

sudo apt install sl

After the successful installation of sl, run below command.


sl Command

For the complete usage details of sl command, run this command.

man sl

aafire Command – ASCII art Fire Animation

Using the aafire command, you can display visually appealing fire ASCII art animation effect in the terminal using ASCII characters.

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How to Install aafire Command on Ubuntu

In the terminal run below command.

sudo apt install libaa-bin

It will install latest version of aafire on your system. After the installation run below command.



bb Command – animated ASCII art

Using the bb command, you can view an animated ASCII art representation of a bouncing ball on the terminal screen.

How to Install bb Command on Ubuntu

In the terminal app, run below bb install command.

sudo apt install bb

After that run below command, to start it.


bb Command

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