DomTerm Web based Terminal Emulator for Linux

DomTerm is a free and open source modern terminal emulator and REPL console for Linux. It is based on web technologies like JavaScript and DOM and uses a browser engine as a GUI toolkit. So you will get embeddable graphics, links, HTML rich text, and foldable commands in your output. It uses an extended xterm protocol and comes with mouse event handling, 24-bit true color support, modifyOtherKeys mode , tab characters, input Methods support, clickable URl and file names, unicode and double-width characters and Emoiji support and more.



Some other features are GnuPlot graphing utility,Pretty-printing, configure as drop-down type terminal (Guake), automatic pagination, predictive echo and export output as clean HTML.

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You can also run multiple terminals in one Window like this Terminator.

Download DomTerm

How to Install DomTerm on Ubuntu Linux

DomTerm is available as a portable AppImage file format from the above download link. Download DomTerm in .AppImage format save in your Downloads folder. Now open your terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below commands one by one. Here “DomTerm.AppImage” is the downloaded file name and Downloads is the file download path.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ DomTerm.AppImage

Visit DomTerm Homepage.

That’s it.

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