Remove Unnecessary Files From Computer with Czkawka

Czkawka is a free and open source computer cleaner software for Linux. MacOS and Windows. Using Czkawka you can easily remove all unwanted files from your system. It is written in rust and released under MIT License. It comes with Cache support for fast repeated scan and command-line support. Using this tool you can find duplicate files, empty folders, big and empty files, temporary files, similar images and audio files, corrupted files, invalid symbolic links and broken files. And it also comes with powerful search function.


Install Czkawka on Ubuntu

Czkawka is available as a portable AppImage for Ubuntu Linux . So you you can easily run it without any install. First download Czkawka in .AppImage file format from the below download link and save it in your Downloads folder. Here the downloaded file name is “linux_czkawka_gui.AppImage” .

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Download Czkawka

Open the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run the below commands one by one. You can also change the below commands based on the file name and downloaded file location based on yours.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ linux_czkawka_gui.AppImage

Czkawka settings

That’s it

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