Dig Network Command line Tool

Domain Information Groper in short Dig is a free and open source network command line tool for Linux. Using Dig tool, you can query and troubleshoot DNS related things. It is part of the BIND domain name server software suite application. So you don’t need to install it in Ubuntu Linux. It is available in all major Linux distributions.

Useful Dig Commands

How to Get Domain A Record:

In the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t), run below command. It wil look up the “A” record for the domain name due.im. You can change the domain name with yours.

dig due.im

Dig A record

How to Get MX Record:

dig due.im MX

Dig MX record

How to Get ALL DNS Records Types for Domain:

dig google.com ANY +noall +answer

Dig Command

How to Get TTL Record for Domain:

dig due.im TTL


How to Get SOA Record for Domain:

dig due.im SOA


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