How to Check System Uptime on Ubuntu Linux

You can easily find out how long the system has been running under a Linux OS. Linux systems come with many build-in tools and commands to find out your computer uptime. In this article we will see how to check system uptime on Ubuntu Linux.

Find System Uptime on Ubuntu

Uptime Command:

Open the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below command.


Uptime command

Here “up 7:58” is my system uptime. 7 hours and 58 minutes.
This command also shows the current time, number of logged on users and system load averages.

You can filter the output in human readable format using below command.

uptime -p


If you want to check the system starting date and time (system up since), then run below command.

uptime -s

uptime since

W command:

You can also view system uptime using the w command in the Linux. Using below command in the terminal.


w command

TOP Command:

The top command also shows us the system uptime.


top command

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