Sakura Terminal Emulator

The Sakura terminal emulator stands out as a lesser-known yet powerful Unix-style tool designed for command-line functionality and text-based terminal programs. Built upon GTK and VTE, Sakura offers a streamlined experience with a focus on customization, providing users not only with advanced features but also an array of options for tailoring their terminal environment.

Sakura Terminal Emulator

It comes with multiple tab support to custom text colors, fonts, and background images, speedy command processing, adjust settings through an intuitive contextual menu

How to Install Sakura Terminal on Ubuntu

To install the latest Sakura Terminal on your Ubuntu system, run below Sakura installation command on your terminal application. (ctrl+alt+t)

sudo apt install sakura

After the successful installation of Sakura Terminal app , you can open it using below command or via the Show Apps Ubuntu dock application menu.

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