DF SHOW Directory File Show Application

DF SHOW is a free and open source directory and file show application for Linux. Using Df Show, you can view the names of files and directories on a disk with information and view, copy, move, rename, delete, touch and edit files. It comes with create directories, update permissions. execute applications and many more.


How to install DF SHOW on Ubuntu

To install DF SHOW on your Ubuntu Linux system, run below commands one by one in your terminal application (ctrl+alt+t).

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ian-hawdon/dfshow
sudo apt update
sudo apt install dfshow

After the successful installation of DF SHOW, you can invoke the show directory utility using below command.


DF SHOW Directory File Show

And invoke the show file utility using below command. Just replace the file.txt with the real file and and path.

sf file.txt

DF SHOW view file

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