Tomboy-ng note taking app – How to install Tomboy-ng on Ubuntu

Tomboy-ng is a free note taking app for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Tomboy-ng allows you to synchronize your notes between Linux, Windows, Mac OS and old Tomdroid on Android. Tomboy-ng is the improved version of old tomboy note taking app, currently not in development.The new Tomboy-ng written using Free Pascal and Lazarus. It is easy to install and small in size. Some important features of Tomboy-ng are automatic linking between notes, search your note and indexing on headers, rich text markup, printing option for your notes, in-build spell checker, backup and snapshot your note for future use. You can import and export your notes in plain text, RFT, MarkDown. You can also change the font size, bold your text, highlight the text, strikeout the text, italic and add bullets in you note.


Download Tomboy-ng [Windows, MacOS, Linux]

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Install Tomboy-ng on Ubuntu Linux

Go to the above tomboy-ng download link and download the latest tomboy-ng in .deb package file format. And save it on your Downloads folder.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/tomboy-ng_0.36b-0_amd64.deb

Note: Here “tomboy-ng_0.36b-0_amd64.deb” is the downloaded file name and “Downloads” is the path.

After the installation of Tomboy-ng, click the show applications in the Ubuntu Gnome dock and type Tomboy-ng in the search box and click Tomboy-ng to open it.

Tomboy-ng note taking app

You can also open it using below command in the terminal app.


That’s it.

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