Planet Blupi Strategy and Adventure Game – How to install Planet Blupi on ubuntu

Planet Blupi is a free and open source strategy and adventure game for linux, Windows and macOS. It is released under GPLv3+ license. In this game you need to use your planet resources and save the planet from invaders. The invaders are the robot and its alien forces.It comes with 30 missions and you can also create your own mission. In this game you need to help Blupi to build houses, cut trees, transport, grow tomatoes, pick flowers, cure your friends from weird virus and more. It is an original creation of Epsitec SA and Daniel Roux.

Install Planet Blupi game on ubuntu:

Planet Blupi is available as a AppImage on Ubuntu. Installation process of portable AppImage files are very easy. First go to the below download link and download the latest version of Planet Blupi in AppImage file format.

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Download Planet Blupi

For me the downloaded file name is “planetblupi.AppImage”. Right click on the downloaded .AppImage file and select Properties. Then go to the Permissions tab and check the Allow executing files as program option.

My default download location is Downlaods folder. Open your terminal app (Ctrl+Atl+T) and navigate to the downloaded file location using cd Command.

cd Downloads

Then type the below command and hit enter key to run Planet Blupi on your ubuntu system.If needed type your Ubuntu password.

sudo ./planetblupi.AppImage

you can also run Planet Blupi by double clicking on the downloaded file.

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