Tio TTY Terminal Application

Tio is a free and open source serial terminal command-line tool for Linux. Using tio you can easily connect to TTY devices for basic I/O operations. This application is more focus on the needs of embedded developers and hackers. It is written in c and released under is GPLv2+ License.


Install Tio on Ubuntu Linux

You can install tio via the snap store. It is available via snap package. open the terminal application and run below tio snap installation command.

sudo snap install tio --classic

You can check the usage details using below command.

tio --help
Usage: tio [<options>] <tty-device>

-b, --baudrate <bps> Baud rate (default: 115200)
-d, --databits 5|6|7|8 Data bits (default: 8)
-f, --flow hard|soft|none Flow control (default: none)
-s, --stopbits 1|2 Stop bits (default: 1)
-p, --parity odd|even|none Parity (default: none)
-o, --output-delay <ms> Output delay (default: 0)
-n, --no-autoconnect Disable automatic connect
-e, --local-echo Enable local echo
-t, --timestamp[=<format>] Enable timestamp (default: 24hour)
-L, --list-devices List available serial devices
-l, --log[=<filename>] Log to file
-m, --map <flags> Map special characters
-c, --color <code> Colorize tio text
-v, --version Display version
-h, --help Display help

Tio simple usage tutorial:

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