Hangout Option for Status Updates Google+

Google introduced a new Google+ feature that adds start a Hangout video chat from a status update.
Now start a hangout from any post on Google+.Just click “Hangout” underneath a post that you’re passionate about, and we’ll add your invitation to the comments. If others are hanging out already, you’ll see their invitation in the comments as well.


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Google+ chat with people in mutual circles

Google+ rolled out a new feature called chat with people in mutual circles. what’s new in this feature?

“1.Previously you could only chat with someone if you knew their email address. Now you just need to have each other in Circles.

2.When you and your contacts have each other in Circles, you’ll be able to chat with them across Google properties such as Gmail, Google Plus, iGoogle, Orkut, and the Google Talk Client.

3.Instead of displaying all of your contacts in your Google Plus Chat list, we’re displaying contacts from your most recent conversations who are online now. (You’ll still be able to use the search box at the top of the Chat list to find contacts that aren’t displayed.)”


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Google+ trending topics

Google the search giant rolled out a new feature in google+ called trending topic. The new trendig topics in google+ lists 10 of the hottest and most popular discussion items on the social network and clicking on a trending topic will launch a search query. Also added some new features, now google+ users search within just their own posts, their circles or the entire Google+ network.


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