ReTux Action Platformer Game

ReTux is a free and open-source action platformer game for Linux and Windows. It draws inspiration from the Mario games but stands on its own as a unique and exciting gaming experience. It takes its visual inspiration from the open-source SuperTux project. SuperTux features Tux, the Linux penguin mascot, as its main character and boasts an array of delightful art assets. ReTux, however, is more than just a clone; it’s a distinct project with its own independent code base and a game play style that, while influenced by Mario, offers a fresh take on the platformer genre.

ReTux game

Download ReTux

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How to Install ReTux on Ubuntu

ReTux is available as a flatpak package file from the flathub. Open the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below ReTux flatpak install command.

flatpak install flathub io.github.retux_game.retux

You can start the game using below command or via the Show Apps Ubuntu dock menu.

flatpak run io.github.retux_game.retux

You can also uninstall it using below commands.

flatpak uninstall io.github.retux_game.retux


sudo flatpak uninstall io.github.retux_game.retux
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