How to enable auto login in latest Ubuntu desktop

Enabling the automatic login feature in Ubuntu desktop allows you to bypass the login screen and you can access to your desktop environment directly during boot. In this article we will see how to enable auto login in Ubuntu desktop.

Enable automatic login in Ubuntu

Click the Show Apps menu from the Ubuntu dock or press the Windows key.

show apps

Type ‘Settings‘ into the search bar and click on the ‘Settings‘ app. It will open the Settings app window.


Now scroll down to the bottom in the left sidebar menu and select ‘Users‘ menu. It will open the Users section. Then click the ‘Unlock‘ button on the top right corner.

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enable auto login unlock


Enter your system sudo password to unlock and authenticate it.


enable auto login authenticate


Now toggle and enable the ‘Automatic Login‘ button ON.


enable auto login

Restart your system. Now you should be able to login without entering the user’s password.


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