How To Launch Browsers In Full Screen Kiosk Mode From Terminal in Ubuntu

You can open and launch any browser in full screen by pressing the F11 key after launching the browser. But you need to do it manually after your browser launch. When you run your browser in Kiosk mode from the terminal command-line app, the web browser will automatically launch in full screen mode and not only this, you can’t go back to normal mode by pressing F11 key.

Browsers In Full Screen Kiosk Mode

Note: You need to press ALT+F4 key to manually close the browser window.

Some Kiosk Mode features are F11 key and right-click context menu will not work, the close button, menu bars, tool bars and status bar will be hidden.

How to Run Firefox in Kiosk Mode

In the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) run below command. It will open the firefox browser in kiosk mode.

firefox --kiosk

Open firefox private window in kiosk mode

firefox -kiosk -private-window

How to Run Microsoft Edge in Kiosk Mode

Open the terminal and run below command.

microsoft-edge --kiosk

Open Edge private window in kiosk mode using below command.

microsoft-edge -kiosk -private-window

How to Run Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode

To run Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode run below command in terminal.

google-chrome -kiosk

Same way you can also open Google Chrome private window in Kiosk Mode

google-chrome -kiosk -private-window

How to Run Chromium in Kiosk Mode

Below commands are open Chromium and Chromium private window in kiosk mode.

chromium-browser -kiosk
chromium-browser -kiosk -private-window

That’s it.

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