How do I know if I’m using PipeWire or PulseAudio

To determine whether your Linux system is using PipeWire or PulseAudio for audio management, you can check the following methods:

Method 1:

Open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and run below commands.

For example, to check for PipeWire:

systemctl --user status pipewire

systemctl pipewire

If you get Active: active (running), then you are using Pipewire and if you get Active: inactive (dead) then you are using Pulseaudio.

To check for PulseAudio:

systemctl --user status pulseaudio

systemctl pulseaudio

Method 2:

You can also use blow command to find your audio server status. In the terminal run below command.

pactl info

pactl info

If you get “Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.x.xx)” like this then your are using PipeWire, ootherwise you will get “Server Name: PulseAudio” only.

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You can also use this command to filter the output.

LC_ALL=C pactl info | grep "Server Name:"

pactl info filter

By using these methods, you should be able to determine whether your system is using PulseAudio or PipeWire for audio management.

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