NetHack Epic Dungeon Quest Game

NetHack is a free and open-source adventure game available on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. This game journey invites you to explore intricate dungeons teeming with surprises. With its powerful random number generator, NetHack offers an inexhaustible array of dungeon layouts and creatures to be discovered. As a player, you can don different personas by choosing your race, role, and gender, allowing for a truly customizable experience. NetHack is designed for solitary play within a terminal-based interface, where you’ll delve into challenging dungeons, confront formidable adversaries, and gather priceless treasures.


How to Install NetHack on Ubuntu Linux

To install NetHack game on your system, open the terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below command. It will install the latest version of NetHack on your system

sudo apt install nethack-console

After the successful installation of nethack you can open it using below command.


Install Nethack via Snap:

You can install nethack via snap from the snap store. In the terminal app run below command.

sudo snap install nethack
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