Mutt Command Line E-Mail Client

Mutt is a free and open source email client software for Linux. It comes with POP3 and IMAP support, message thread, PGP/MIME support, reply to, forward multiple messages, list-reply, keybinding, macros, delivery status notification, regular expressions search, attachments. multiple message tagging and more.

Mutt email

How to Install Mutt on Ubuntu Linux

Mutt is available from the default Ubuntu repository. Open the terminal app using the ctrl+alt+t keys and run below Mutt apt install command. It will install the latest version of Mutt on your system.

sudo apt install mutt

First you need to configure mutt. Follow below commands one by one to create some folders.

mkdir -p ~/.mutt/cache/headers
mkdir ~/.mutt/cache/bodies
touch ~/.mutt/certificates

Then create mutt configuration file using below command.

touch ~/.mutt/muttrc

Then open that file and edit it with your mail details. Example

set ssl_starttls=yes
set ssl_force_tls=yes
set imap_user = '[email protected]'
set imap_pass = 'your-password'
set from='[email protected]'
set realname='Your real name'

set folder = imaps://
set spoolfile = imaps://
set postponed="imaps://[Gmail]/Drafts"

set smtp_url = 'smtps://[email protected]:[email protected]:465/'

Then start Mutt using below command.


After that send email using this command.

mutt -s "Mail Subject" [email protected]

For the complete guide check here.

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