Monitor Network Connections using SS Command line Tool

SS is a free and open source network socket tool for Linux system. Using SS command line tool, you can get all socket related statistics. It is similar to netstat tool and shows more detailed information. In this article you will get some ss command examples.

SS Command

How to list all Connections:

Open the terminal command line app using ctrl+alt+t keys and run below command.


SS Command

How to View all Summary Statistics

ss -s

ss s

How to Display IPv4 Socket Connections

 ss -4

How to Display IPv6 Socket Connections

ss -6

How to List Listening and Non-listening Ports using SS

ss -a

How to Show all Listening Sockets

ss -l

How to Show all TCP Connections

ss -t

ss t

How to View all UDP Connections

ss -ua

How to Display Process IDs of Sockets

ss -p

For the complete ss usage details, run below command.

man ss
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