How to install Writefull editor on Ubuntu – Automatic Text Suggestions to the User

Writefull editor is a free app for Linux, Windows, MacOS and chrome that gives automatics suggestion to your writing by checking it against Google Books, Google Web, Google Scholar and Google News language databases. Using this you can check writing in language database, Hear how your written is pronounced, translate your writing from any language into English, Find out which words are used most often in your writing. You can launch this desktop app via shortcut key in any writing app like office suite and Gmail.

Install Writefull on Ubuntu:

Writefull automatic text suggestions for Ubuntu is available as snap package and .deb file . we will see one by one below.

Open your terminal app (Ctrl+Alt+t). And then run the below command it terminal.

sudo snap install writefull

If needed type your Ubuntu password. It will start the installation of Writefull automatic text suggestions tool on Ubuntu.

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Then you can open it from searching writefull in Gnome dock search box by clicking show applications.

You can also download Writefull from direcly its website as .deb file

Download Writefull

If your default download location is Downloads folder then run the below command.

cd Downloads


run the below command.

sudo dpkg -i writefull_3.0.0-beta19_amd64.deb

It will install writefull on your system. You can also use Gdebi package manager to install it from .deb file.

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