KdenLive Video Editor – Best Video Editor for Linux

Kdenlive is an free and open source Non-Linear video editor for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It is based on MLT Framework and built on Qt and the KDE Frameworks libraries. It is a multi-track video editing software and you can add several audio and video tracks. It supports almost all audio and video formats. It uses FFmpeg libraries. It comes with configurable user interface and custom Keyboard shortcuts. Using KdenLive, you can create 2D titles for your video project. It also comes with many effects and some standard transform options.

KdenLive Video Editor

You can monitor your audio level and color scopes with Audio Meter, Histogram, Waveform, Vectorscope and RGB Parade. It creates low resolution copies of your source clips to edit and render using full resolution on any other computer. Some other features are automatic backup, Webcam capture, Timeline preview and Keyframeable effects.

Download KdenLive Video Editor [Windows, Linux, MacOS]

How to install KdenLive Video Editor on Ubuntu

You can install KdenLive on ubuntu via KdenLive authors’s official repository, flatpak and portable AppImage.

Open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run the below command to KdenLive Ubuntu PPA on your system.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kdenlive/kdenlive-stable

Then type your ubuntu password. And hit enter key confirm the installation. Then type the below command and hit enter,

sudo apt update

Then type the below command and hit enter to install KdenLive video editor on your Ubuntu Linux system.

sudo apt install kdenlive

Install Kdenlive via Flatpak:

If you don’t have then install flatpak and flathub on your system and restart it after the installation.

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Now in the terminal app run below KdenLive flatpak install command.

flatpak install flathub org.kde.kdenlive

You can start KdenLive video editor app using below command.

flatpak run org.kde.kdenlive

And uninstall KdenLive via below command,

sudo flatpak uninstall org.kde.kdenlive

Install Kdenlive via AppImage:

Download the latest version of Kdenlive in .AppImage file format from the above download link and save it on your Downloads folder. Now in the terminal app run below commands one by one.

Note: Here “kdenlive-22.12.3-x86_64.AppImage” is the downloaded file name. You can change below commands based on your file name.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ kdenlive-22.12.3-x86_64.AppImage

Install KdenLive via Ubuntu repository:

You can also install it via the Ubuntu official repository. You may get old version of Kdenlive using this method.

sudo apt install kdenlive

That’s it.

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