How to install Neovim on Ubuntu – Vim-based Text Editor

Neovim is a free and open source vim based text editor for Linux, Windows, MacOS and BSD. It supports more Modern GUIs. using this you can integrate Neovim to all other latest text editors. Another important feature is you can access its APIs from any language including C/C++, C#, Clojure, D, Elixir, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript/Node.js, Julia, Lisp, Lua, Perl, Python, Racket, Ruby and Rust. So it will allow develop more extension to extent its features. It also support most Vim plugins by default. It comes with Embedded and script-able terminal emulator. You can shared its data with multiple editor instances. Some other.

Install Neovim Text Editor on Ubuntu:

you can install Neovim via AppImage, Flatpak and Ubuntu package manager on Ubuntu. In this article we will see one by one.

Install Neovim via Appimage:

Go to the Neovim download page and download the latest version of Neovim in appimage format.

Download NeoVim

Right click on the downloaded .AppImage file and select Properties. Here the downloaded file name is “nvim.appimage“. Then go to the Permissions tab and check the Allow executing files as program option. After that Open your terminal and type the below command in the terminal and hit enter. Here my default download path is Downloads folder.

cd Downloads

Note: You can change above command according to your download location.

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Then type the below command and press the enter key. Then type your Ubuntu password. Note:You can change the below command according to your downloaded file name.

sudo ./nvim.appimage

For complete Neovim help click here

Install Neovim via Flatpak

First you need to install and setup flatpak on your your Ubuntu system to install and use flatpak apps. follow the below link to install the flatpak on Ubuntu.

How to install flatpak on ubuntu:

After the installation of flatpak in you Ubuntu, Open your terminal app (Ctrl+Atl+T) and run the below command

flatpak install flathub io.neovim.nvim

During the installation press y and enter when it asked to confirm the installation. It will install the latest version Neovim Text Editor. you can run Neovim Text Editor flatpak by running the below command.

flatpak run io.neovim.nvim

Install Neovim via Ubuntu package manager:

Open your terminal app (ctrl+Alt+T) and run the below command.

sudo apt update

Then run the below command to install neovim on ubuntu.

sudo apt install neovim

For the complete integration click here.

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