Build Your Soccer Football Lineup with Tactics app

Looking to build your perfect soccer lineup? Look no further than Tactics. Tactics is a free and open source soccer lineup application for Linux. With Tactics, you can easily recreate real-world lineups, plan for your team’s next match, or create a fantasy play team to share with your friends. Choose from a variety of common formation templates, or drag-and-drop to create your own unique team shape.


Personalize your team’s look by customizing their colors to match your club or team, and designate player names and squad numbers to bring your lineup to life. With Tactics, you can showcase your footballing genius and impress the world with your tactical prowess.

How to Install Tactics on Ubuntu Linux

Tactics is available as a Flatpak package file from the remote Flathub. If you don’t have it, then install Flatpak and Flathub on your system and restart it after the installation.

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To install Tactics, open the terminal application using the Ctrl+Alt+T keys or via the “Show Applications” menu and run the following Flatpak installation command. This will install the latest version of Tactics on your system:

flatpak install flathub io.gitlab.leesonwai.Tactics

After the installation of Tactics is complete, run this command to start it.

flatpak run io.gitlab.leesonwai.Tactics

And to uninstall Tactics, use this command.

sudo flatpak uninstall io.gitlab.leesonwai.Tactics

That’s it.

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