How to install Dino Chat Client on Ubuntu

Dino is a free and open source secure Jabber/XMPP chat client for Linux. XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) is xml based open communication protocol. It is released under GNU General Public License v3.0. It is based on GTK+ and Vala. It supports end-to-end encryption via OMEMO and OpenPGP. you can also disable read and typing notifications in your chat. It supports Private, group, and public chats, images and files sharing and multiple accounts.


Install Dino on Ubuntu

Open your terminal software (ctrl+alt+t) and run below command. If needed enter your Ubuntu user password.

sudo apt update

It will update your Ubuntu software source list. Then run this command to install the Dino Chat Client.

sudo apt install dino-im

Then open Dino with this command.


Install Dino via deb:

Download Dino

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Download the native deb file based on your Ubuntu version from Grab binary package directly and save it on your Downloads folder. Here for me the downloaded file name is “dino_0.1.0~git141.20200915.1956f63_amd64.deb” . you can change the below commands based on the downloaded file name.

cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i dino_0.1.0~git141.20200915.1956f63_amd64.deb
sudo apt install -f

That’s it.You are done.

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