AstroMenace 3D space scroll-shooter – How to install AstroMenace on Ubuntu

AstroMenace is a free open source 3D space scroll-shooter for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is arcade style shooter comes with some good quality graphics and game play which really tests games’s hand-eye coordination. In this game you can upgrade your Weapon and space ship.In this game totally 22 unique space ships are available with its unique attributes.

System requirements for AstroMenace:

1GHz or faster processor
256 MB RAM
130 MB hard disk space
3D class Video Card with 32 MB of memory or higher

Download AstroMenace for Windows and Mac OS

Install AstroMenace on Ubuntu:

AstroMenace is available via official Ubuntu repository. You can install AstroMenace game easily via terminal app. Open your terminal app in Ubuntu. Ten type the below command and hit the enter key.

sudo apt-get update

Then type your Ubuntu password and run the below command in terminal. It will install the latest version AstroMenace 3D space scroll-shooter on your system.

sudo apt-get install astromenace

During the AstroMenace 3D space scroll-shooter installation press the Y key and then the enter key to confirm the installation of AstroMenace. After the installation of AstroMenace, click the show applications in the Ubuntu Gnome dock and type AstroMenace in the search box and click AstroMenace to open it. For Unity you can search AstroMenace from Ubuntu dash.

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