How to Search Available Packages from Terminal command-line Tool

In this article you will see how to search the available packages from your Ubuntu repositories and how to get details of the available versions, dependencies and all other information in Ubuntu. Try all these commands and find the difference. And if anything missing, then write down in the comment box.

Search for available packages in Ubuntu:

List all available packages:

apt-cache pkgnames

Search a particular package.Here you can replace the “PACKAGENAME” with your actual real package name.

apt-cache search PACKAGENAME


apt-cache search firefox

Package Name and Description of Software:

apt-cache pkgnames firefox

Check Dependencies for Specific Packages:

apt-cache showpkg firefox

apt search: Search the provided Package name string in name and description of the packages

apt search PACKAGENAME


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To find the firefox name in all available packages, use below command.

apt search firefox

Search for package names only.

apt search --names-only firefox

apt show: Get the detailed information on a package



apt show firefox

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