How to Disable Opera One Splash Screen Startup Logo and Sound

Opera version 100 and later (Opera One) comes with an Opera startup logo splash screen and startup sound. It will come when you update and launch the Opera web browser. The startup sound is in the background and the volume of the sound is very loud. It will irritate some users. But now you can also remove that startup logo and sound easily. Just follow the below article.

Disable Opera One Startup Logo and Sound

To disable the splash screen and startup sound, Open the Opera One web browse and type below ad
dress in the address bar and press Enter. It will open the Opera Experiments page.


Now scroll and search for “Opera One introduction” flag. Or you can type Opera One introduction inside the Search flags text box and press enter. Now select Disabled option from the drop-down box.

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Disable Opera One introduction

Now click on Relaunch button to restart Opera.

That’s it. In this way you can permanently turn off the splash screen and startup sound when you launch Opera browser.

Enable Opera Splash Screen and Sound

In the “Opera One introduction” flag, just change Disabled back to Default and restart your browser.

That’s it.

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  1. Coco

    I tried everything on the web and nothing worked as I couldn’t find the GX file, until someone suggested I unhide files through File Explorer, click view and you’ll see hide/unhide then go through some of the folders and you’ll see it, delete it,

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