How to enable battery or power saving feature in opera

Opera is the first major browser to bring native battery saving mode to its browser and it helps to increase your laptop’s battery and performance.

Enable battery or power saving feature in opera

Update your opera browser to the latest version, that is opera 38 and later. It will automatically enabled the power saver icon on the browser window if your laptop run via your battery power. If you put your laptop in charging it will hide the power saver icon.

opera power saver icon

To always show power saver icon in the browser bar, follow the below steps.

Click the opera main menu button and select Settings.

Under power saver, tick the “Always show power saver icon” checkbox.

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opera power saver

To enable the power saver mode, just click the power saver icon and turn it on. Opera is promising up to 50 percent more running time. The power saver mode will activate the below features:

turn opera power mode

Reduces background tabs activity
waking CPU less often
pausing unused plug-ins
Reducing frame rate to 30 f/s
Tuning video-playback parameters and forcing usage of hardware accelerated video codecs
Pauses browser theme animations
enables the build in ad blocker

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