How to Test and Choose the Best Fastest DNS Service – DNS Benchmark

Domain Name System in short DNS helps to point website name to appropriate IP address of that website . By default your ISP (internet service provider) set their own DNS servers in your system. But if you unhappy with your ISP’s DNS servers because of its speed or any other thing then you can change it. So many free and paid DNS servers are available for you. Some comes with malware protection, blocking of adult content and some other features. Some Popular free DNS Service are listed below.

1. OpenDNS
2. Google Public DNS
3. cloudflare public DNS
4. Clean Browsing

The speed of the DNS servers are differ based on your location, internet speed and some other factors. If you want to test the speed of these DNS servers then use the below tool to find out.

DNS Benchmark:

DNS Benchmark is a free Benchmark tool to check the speed and reliability of DNS servers. It is developed by Gibson Research Corporation. You can download DNS Benchmark from below link.

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Download DNS Benchmark

The downloaded file size is just below 150kb and it is portable application. So you don’t need to install it just double click to open the DNS Benchmark application.

Click the Nameservers tab. It will show your current DNS server ip and some popular DNS servers by default. You can also add other dns server ips by clicking Add/Remove button. After that click the Run Benchmark button.

Wait some time to finish the benchmark. The results are sorted by fastest first. Also click the Conclusions tab to get the results in detail. In this way you can find the fastest DNS on your system.

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