How activate and configure Apache SpamAssassin on cpanel

Apache SpamAssassin is a Open Source anti spam software for administrators to filter email and block spam mails. It is Apache Software Foundation project.cPanel is a Linux web hosting control panel for your website.

To login your cpanel, just go to

http:// your site:2082 or http://your site:2083 or http://your server ip:2082 or http://your server ip:2083

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Replace your site with your actual website address and your server ip with your actual ip addrees.
We strongly recommend that you allways log in via port 2083 (with SSL connection).

In the Mail section, find and click Apache SpamAssassin.

Apache SpamAssassin

In the Apache SpamAssassin page, click the Enable Apache SpamAssassin button.

enable Apache SpamAssassin

There is also some other options available in settings page.

Spam Auto-Delete:

spam auto delete

Using this Spam Auto-Delete function You can automatically delete messages that the system marks as spam based on email score. 5 is the default.

Spam Box:

Spam Box of Apache SpamAssassin will deliver any emails that the system identifies as spam into a separate mail folder named spam.

You can also blacklist and whitelist the mail ids from Apache SpamAssassin Configuration option.

Download Apache SpamAssassin

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