How to create and access email account in cPanel

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux web hosting control panel for CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and CloudLinux OS. Creating and managing your cPanel account is very easy task.

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How to create and access email account in cPanel

Login to your cPanel hosting account control panel.To login your cpanel, just go to

http://yoursite:2082 or http://yoursite:2083 or http://yourserverip:2082 or http://yourserverip:2083

Replace yoursite with your actual website address and yourserverip with your actual ip addrees.
We strongly recommend that you allways log in via port 2083 (SSL connection).

In the mail section, click the Email Accounts.

cpanel mail accounts

Enter your new email id, password or generate via password manager and your mailbox quota. And then click the Create Account.

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create new email in cpanel

Thats it. You have successfully created your new email account in cpanel.

Access your Webmail in cpanel

To access your mail, go to following location in your browser:


Replace yoursite with your actual website address.

Enter your email address in the Username text box.Enter your password in the Password text box.and then click Log in.

cpanel webmail login

Then click any one of your installed webmail client to view your mail. For example here horde.

Horde webmail client

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