How to Find Hidden Cameras: 6 Detection Methods

Whether you’re staying in a hotel or a vacation rental or any other new place, you might worry about hidden cameras. Use this simple guide to discover hidden cameras and protect your privacy.

1. Recognizing Suspicious Items

If you suspect there might be hidden cameras around, start by carefully examining your surroundings. Look for anything that seems out of place, like unusual objects such as clocks, smoke detectors, wall decor, USB charging blocks, plug points, ceiling fans, or any holes in the walls.

2. Check Mirrors

Hidden cameras can sometimes be concealed behind two-way mirrors. To check if a mirror is two-way, touch its surface with your fingertip. If there’s a gap between your finger and its reflection, it’s a regular mirror. If your finger and its reflection seem to touch tip to tip, it might be a two-way mirror. Tap on it – a hollow sound suggests it’s a two-way mirror.

3. Use Smartphone Camera

Some hidden cameras emit infrared light, which can be detected by smartphone cameras. Test this by pointing your phone camera at the end of an infrared remote control (like a TV remote). If you see a burst of purple or white light on your screen, it means your camera detects infrared. Turn off the lights in the room and scan with your phone camera for sources of infrared light.

4. Hidden Camera Detector App

Download a hidden camera detector app on your smartphone from app store. These apps use various methods like Wi-Fi scanning, Bluetooth scanning, and infrared detection. Follow the app instructions carefully to scan the area.

5. Check for Signal Interference

Hidden cameras can emit radio waves that disrupt nearby phone calls. Make a call and walk around, listening for buzzing or crackling noises. If call quality decreases in certain areas, there might be a hidden camera nearby. Investigate those areas for anything suspicious, but remember, this method isn’t foolproof.

6. Use a Torch

Darken the room and use a torch to scan for reflections. Look for tiny blue or purple reflections that could be from a hidden camera lens. When you spot a reflection, inspect the object closely to confirm if it’s a hidden camera.

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