FileZilla Client 3.7.0

FileZilla Client 3.7.0 is now available for download.What’s new in this release?

Show total transfer speed as tooltip over the transfer indicators.
List supported protocols in tooltip of host field in quickconnect bar.
Use TLS instead of the deprecated term SSL.
Reworded text when saving of passwords is disabled, do not refer to kiosk mode.
Improved usability of Update page in settings dialog.
Improve SFTP performance.
When navigating to the parent directory, highlight the former child.
When editing files, use high priority for the transfers.

Add label to size conditions in filter conditions dialog indicating that the unit is bytes.
Ignore drag&drop operations where source and target are identical and clarify the wording in some drop error cases.
Trim whitespace from the entered port numbers
Slightly darker color of inactive tabs..
Ignore .. item in the file list context menus if multiple items are selected.
Display TLS version and key exchange algorithm in certificate and encryption details dialog for FTP over TLS connections.

And bug fixes.

Download FileZilla Client

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