FileZilla 3.7.4 released

FileZilla Client 3.7.4 is now available for download.What’s new in this release?

Added SOCKS4 support.
Added Corsican and Kabyle translations.
SFTP now supports the hmac-sha2-256 algorithm.
Additional bugfix for site-specific bookmarks.
Improve compatibility with servers sending directory listings in Polish language or in EBCDIC encoding.

Handle set user id bit when populating permissions dialog.
MSW: Show local timestamps for old files using the correct daylight saving time (DST) offset.
Fix loading of transfer queue if starting FileZilla while another instance is in the process of shutting down.
Fix interaction between site-specific bookmarks and multiple tabs.
Don’t resume uploads when there’s zero octets left to transfer.
Improve symbolic link detection when using MLSD..
If processing a queue with files queued on multiple servers and not storing passwords, the password was not always asked prior to switching servers.
Use the correct name element when importing sites.
MSW: Show actual Windows version in about dialog regardless of app-compat settings.

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