Cosmonium Free 3D Astronomy and Space Exploration Software

Cosmonium is a free and open source 3D astronomy and space exploration software for Windows, Linux and MacOS. You can use this program to visit our solar system with all planets and their moons. You can also visit the neighboring stars, galaxy and the Universe.

Cosmonium Free 3D Astronomy

It is also support Celestia addons. It is also provides HD and the UHD images via additional package download. It is written in python and and released under GPL-3.0 License. Some other similar type of applications are Winstars and Stellarium

Download Cosmonium

You need Windows Vista and above and mac0S 10.9 and above with a graphic card supporting OpenGL 2.1 or better and at least 512MB of disk.

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Install Cosmonium on Ubuntu

Cosmonium will run on Ubuntu 14.04 and above. Running Cosmonium on ubuntu is a easy process. You don’t really need to install it. Just download the latest Cosmonium in the compressed tar.gz file format from the above download link. Then right click on the downloaded file and select Extract Here option. Then open the extracted Cosmonium folder and right click on the cosmonium program file and select Run.

cosmonium installer

It will start cosmonium Astronomy and Space Exploration Software on your Ubuntu system.


That’s all.

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