Check Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 10

Before Windows 8.1 you can view the Windows Experience Index score visually on your computer. Using this you can easily view your overall computer performance and bottlenecks. But this GUI feature was removed in Windws 8.1 But still you can access the Windows System Assessment Tool via the Windows PowerShell and Command prompt and view your Windows Experience Index score.

Check Your Windows Experience Score via PoweShell

Open the Windows PowerShell comand line tool. Type powershell in the Windows Start menu search bar and click on Run as administrator on PowerShell.


It will open the PowerShell in admin mode. Then run below command in PowerShell and hit or press the enter key.

Get-CimInstance Win32_WinSat

Here you will get CPU Score, D3D Score, Disk Score, Graphics Score, Memory Score seperately and the overall Windows Experience Index score is WinSPRLevel.

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Windows Experience Index score

Check Your Windows Experience Score via Command Prompt

First Open the Command Prompt tool. Type cmd in the Windows Start menu search bar and click on Run as administrator on Command Prompt. then run this below command.


winsat formal

Windows stat

Wait till it completes all process. After that you can find the XML file in


Windows Experience Index score cmd

Open the XML file that looks like.

[Most recent date of test] Formal.Assessment (Recent).WinSAT.xml


2021-05-12 Formal.Assessment (Recent).WinSAT.xml

Right click on that file and open with your browser to view it.

Windows Experience Index score xml

That’s it.


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