Vivaldi Sync released – Setup Sync in Vivaldi

Vivaldi released the latest Snapshot version of Vivaldi browser, which ships with the Sync functionality.
This synchronization function is the most requested feature of Vivaldi browser. Now it is available for public testing. Currently Vivaldi sync supports the synchronizing of bookmarks and speed dials, stored webpage passwords, and autofill information, history and remote sessions, extensions, notes and some part of Vivaldi settings. Vivaldi using end-to-end encryption to protect your data. To test the sync feature download and install vivaldi from the below link. This will install the latest version of vivaldi Snapshot on your system.

Download vivaldi Snapshot

Setup Vivaldi Sync:

To sync your vivaldi data you need account.

Create account using this link

Open vivaldi browser and go to Tools->Settings. In the settings windows click the Sync menu from the sidebar. And login with your vivaldi username and password.

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Then configure your sync data options.  And you can encrypt your data with a separate second password. This will improve the security of your sync data. Otherwise your vivaldi primary password will be used as a sync encryption key. Then click Start Sync button to sync your data.

Thats all. You can access and view the progress of your sync data from browser left bottom corner sync icon.

Vivaldi Sync help Page

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