Puffin browser for windows released

Popular mobile browser Puffin from CloudMosa is now available for Windows.It is still in beta form and available for windows 7 and windows 10. Main feature of this browser is speed. It uses Puffin?s cloud server to compress website data to speed up the web pages and reduce your your data usage. It will block any malicious website from your computer and reduce your CPU load and memory usage by 50%. You can check the status of your cloud server ip and data usage by clicking the puffin logo from the address bar. You can also turn off the cloud server.

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Some other features are built-in incognito mode, encrypted date traffic from Puffin browser to Puffin cloud server. It is similar to Opera Mini browser. According to Puffin browser, the website CNN load over 400% faster than Microsoft?s Edge browser.

Download Puffin browser

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