How to Permanently Remove Google Account Sync in Chrome

Google Chrome comes with a build-in google account sync feature to sync your bookmarks, preferences, apps, history, tabs, payment methods, extensions, themes, addresses and more. It will help you if you are using chrome on multiple devices. If you don’t like the google account sync feature in google chrome, then you can temporary disable sync feature via the chrome setting. Settings-> You and Google-> Sync and Google services-> Allow Chrome sign-in.


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How to Setup Brave Sync – Brave Sync Version 2

Brave browser is a free and open source cross-platform web browser for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS from Brave Software. Brave recently released new version of its sync called Brave Sync Version 2 . Using this sync feature you can sync Bookmarks, Passwords, Auto fill Data, History, Open Tabs, Extensions, Themes, Settings and Apps. In this article we will see how to enable sync in Brave browser.


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How to Install and Setup MEGA on Ubuntu

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Mega is a end-to-end encrypted file hosting and cloud storage service for Web, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Mega comes with large 50 GB Free storage for free accounts. If you want more you can upgrade to the paid plans. Using Mega you can Backup, Store, sync and share your files and you can also text, voice and video chat securely with MegaChat. It also provides MEGA referral program with 20% commission.

You can stream your video and audio files directly from MEGA and save your files locally on your mobile device for offline use. Some other main features are deleted data retention, build-in transfer manager, automatic camera uploads and you can exclude specified file types in sync. It also comes with command-line support.


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Vivaldi Sync released – Setup Sync in Vivaldi

Vivaldi released the latest Snapshot version of Vivaldi browser, which ships with the Sync functionality.
This synchronization function is the most requested feature of Vivaldi browser. Now it is available for public testing. Currently Vivaldi sync supports the synchronizing of bookmarks and speed dials, stored webpage passwords, and autofill information, history and remote sessions, extensions, notes and some part of Vivaldi settings. Vivaldi using end-to-end encryption to protect your data. To test the sync feature download and install vivaldi from the below link. This will install the latest version of vivaldi Snapshot on your system.


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