Triplea – Free Open Source Grand Strategy Game

Triplea is a free and open source turn based strategy game and board game engine for Windows, Mac Os and Linux. It is released under the GNU Public License (GPL). And the game rules are based upon Axis and Allies rules.This is mainly based on World War II.It was created by Sean Bridges. In this  game the available modes are Team play, 1vs1, Single player and Multiplayer using Play By Email (pbem),  LAN, free online lobby. It uses a  secure dice server to encrypt the data and the save games are also encrypted.

This game come with more than 18 different skins for the user interface, ability to switch map skins in contains the ability to create and download user made maps. It also comes with online and in-game chat, support for sounds and the battle Calculator. You can download community created maps for in-game download. You can this game to add and delete units, change money, change territory ownership, and even you can move the pieces. It also contains new bidding system and a new Low Luck mode to reduce your luck.

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You can download the game via the below link. The download size for windows 64 is around 44MB.

Download Triplea

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