How to Update AVG Offline

This method is useful if your computer doesn’t have an internet connection or slow connection.

Only for AVG Antivirus, Internet Security or another AVG product and not for AVG FREE Antivirus.

Note from AVG:It is strongly recommended that you perform all updates from the AVG interface.The program can distinguish between full and differential updates; while this page offers only full update files for download.

1.Go to AVG Update download Page.And download the update files.

2.Open the AVG User Interface.

3.Click the Tools menu and select Update from directory.

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Update Message WordPress plugin

Update Message WordPress plugin add an update box in the post with update message.

1. Download Update Message wordpress plugin. Download link.

2. Unzip and upload it to your WordPress wp-content/plugins directory.

3. Login to wp-admin. In your admin dashboard click plugins and activate the Update Message wordpress plugin.

4. Then go to SL Plugins menu and select Update Messages.

5.And add your message in edit post

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How to Disable automatic updates in Adobe Acrobat 8

Method 1: With internet connection

1.Open acrobat 8 and click help.

2.Then click check for updates.It will check the availabe number of updates and the size of the update.
You need to check for updates at least one time in-order to access the Adobe Auto Updater preference dialog box in this method.

3.Then click Preferences and uncheck automatically check for Adobe updates.

4.Press ok.

Method 2: Without internet connection

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