Stop or Hold Automatic Updates of Snap Apps in Ubuntu

Snap is a package format developed by Canonical that allows cross-platform and dependency-free installation of applications for desktop, IoT, and cloud environments. You can install snaps (snap apps) from the Snap Store.

If you install any snap application, then it will automatically update to the newest version once they become available. Because Snap apps automatically update to the newest by default. But now, Ubuntu finally added support for disabling automatic updates for snap applications. In this article, we’ll show you how to completely stop automatic updates of Snap apps on your Ubuntu system.

Stop Automatic Updates of Snap Apps:

To completely stop or hold automatic update of all snap apps, run below command in the terminal window.

snap refresh --hold

To completely disable automatic updates for a particular Application.

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Example: FreeCAD snap app

snap refresh --hold freecad

Or if you want to stop update for next 24 hours, then below command in terminal.

snap refresh --hold=24h freecad

You can replace freecad with your application.

To see which snaps are being held, run below command and check the held status.

snap list

snap list

Remove Hold or Enable Automatic Updates of Snap Apps:

Below command removes all hold and enables automatic updates of snap application.

snap refresh --unhold

To unhold a single snap app, example: FreeCAD

snap refresh --unhold freecad

That’s it.

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