Softaculous 3.9 released

Softaculous 3.9 is now available.what’s new in Softaculous 3.9?

Added the RESELLER Control Panel for Resellers (For cPanel and DirectAdmin).
Resellers can rebrand Softaculous for their users.
Resellers can change settings and define multiple plans in Softaculous for their users.
Admin and Resellers can now delete multiple Plan at once.
Admin can now make a Default Softaculous Plan that will be applied to all users who dont belong to any of the existing Plan.
Better Search interface in the Softaculous Enduser Panel.
Added Importer for cpAddons (For cPanel).
Now user can install the scripts to http://IP/~user/
HOOKS : phpversion can be defined in the pre_install.php hook. This is useful if you are using multiple PHP versions.

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