Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram is a free, open source application which enables you to make electronic circuit diagrams and export them as images.

Main Features:

Export image format :PNG and SVG

Supported Electronic Components:

Analogue switch,AND Gate,Capacitor (standard, variable, trimmer, polarised),Counter, Crystal,D Flip-Flop, Diode (standard, LED, photo, diode bridge),External Connection, Fuse, Ground, Inductor,Label,Lamp,Light dependent resistor,Loudspeaker,Meter,Microcontroller, Microphone,MOSFET (N-Channel and P-Channel),NAND Gate,NOR Gate, NOT Gate, Op-Amp, OR Gate, Potentiometer,Rail,Resistor,Schmitt Trigger NOT Gate,Seg Decoder,Seg Display, Supply,Switch (push, toggle, push-to-break, changeover), Thermistor, Transformer, Transistor (NPN and PNP),Variable Resistor,Wire,XOR Gate,

Download Circuit Diagram

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