Analyze Synthesize and Manipulate speech with Praat

Praat is a free application to analyze synthesize and manipulate sound for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD, SGI, Solaris and HPUX. It can be very useful for phonetician to study the speech and sound related things. Using this application you can do Speech related spectral analysis, pitch analysis, formant analysis, intensity analysis, jitter, shimmer, voice breaks, cochleagram and excitation pattern analysis.


Some other useful features are Labeling and segmentation, changing pitch, duration contours and filtering in Speech manipulation and Learning algorithms. It supports more file types for read and write the sound.

Using this you can create high quality images for your articles and thesis. You can even produce Encapsulated PostScript files. It comes with integrated mathematical and phonetic symbols to ease your work. For the complete details please check the below website.

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You can record mono sound and stereo sound with the build-in Praat recorder and also create matrix with this tool. Download Praat from the below link. For windows the download size is around 40MB and its portable. You don’t need to install on your system. Just download and extract and open praat application file. That’s it.

Download Praat

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