KiCad PCB Design and Schematic Capture Software – Install KiCad EDA on Ubuntu

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KiCad is a free and open source electronics design automation (EDA) application for Linux, MacOS and Linux. Using KiCad you can create professional PCB layouts and schematics for electronic circuits. You can divide large PCB designs into hierarchical subsheets and export your design to PDF, SVG, HPGL, Postscript file formats. It comes with build-in electrical rules check (ERC) to automatically verify the schematic connections and 3D PCB Viewer.



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Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram is a free, open source application which enables you to make electronic circuit diagrams and export them as images.

Main Features:

Export image format :PNG and SVG

Supported Electronic Components:

Analogue switch,AND Gate,Capacitor (standard, variable, trimmer, polarised),Counter, Crystal,D Flip-Flop, Diode (standard, LED, photo, diode bridge),External Connection, Fuse, Ground, Inductor,Label,Lamp,Light dependent resistor,Loudspeaker,Meter,Microcontroller, Microphone,MOSFET (N-Channel and P-Channel),NAND Gate,NOR Gate, NOT Gate, Op-Amp, OR Gate, Potentiometer,Rail,Resistor,Schmitt Trigger NOT Gate,Seg Decoder,Seg Display, Supply,Switch (push, toggle, push-to-break, changeover), Thermistor, Transformer, Transistor (NPN and PNP),Variable Resistor,Wire,XOR Gate,

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